Tax Advice for Foreigners

Here at SkatteInform, we are a team of chartered accountants and tax consultants. We have extensive knowledge of tax law, accounting and case-law of taxation.


We offer tax advice, file tax returns and provide any kind of tax assistance to foreigners, who have either limited or full-tax liability in Denmark.  This also applies to foreigners, who operate a business in Denmark.


Our expertise ensures that both the legal and economic aspects of your case are taken into account. Our tax experts can bring cases to the National Tax Tribunal.


We Have Extensive, Up-to-Date Knowledge of:


  • International tax issues (including, but not limited to): ex- and repatriation, establishment of companies abroad, double taxation agreements between countries.


  • Personal- and shareholder-taxation


  • Special income tax matters for businesses and companies


We can prepare a full personal financial statement for all clients.


In addition to accounting assistance, we review and audit company financial statements.


At SkatteInform, we always answer your questions quickly and competently.